The circus has long been revered as a source of fun entertainment for families and children across America, which only makes it more powerful as the theme of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story’s” Season 4. Murphy and co-director Brad Fulchuk have created a story that examines the stories behind each of the circus workers, otherwise known as “freaks.” The result is a vivid and gruesome look into a failing Freak Show during the mid-1950s in Jupiter, Florida.

“American Horror Story” is unique in that each season contains a completely new plot and theme. In the past, the themes have been centered on a murder house during the modern day, an asylum in the 1960s, and most recently a witch coven that alternates between the 2000s and the 1800s.

Jessica Lange, known for her other movie roles in “King Kong” and “Frances,” has been the main character for the past two seasons and has always delivered a stunning performance, whether she a glamorous all-powerful witch, or a southern belle. This season she takes on the role of a German woman who travels America in search of new talent for her Freak Show.

It will be exciting to see her character development over the course of the season and see whether her dream of becoming a famous singer will come true or not.

A new character that veteran “American Horror Story” star, Sarah Paulson, takes on is conjoined twin sisters Bette and Dot Tattler.

In a press release about Paulson’s character, Murphy said, “On average, if you have a two-person scene maybe it will take five hours. If Sarah Paulson’s character is in it, it’s around 12-20. It’s incredibly grueling and very draining on Sarah but she really went for it. “

All three seasons of “American Horror Story” have been truly amazing, but judging by the first episode season 4 will be truly exceptional.