With fall sports in full swing at The Gregory School, students are adjusting to their new schedules of tackling school, practice, games, and extracurricular activities. Men’s soccer is no exception: its members are juggling their tight schedules impeccably, already evidenced by winning their first game of the season against Alta Vista 2-0.

Junior Skylar Decker, who has been on the team since his freshman year, said that the opening win was huge for the team because it was a goal they had set long before the season started. He felt the team worked together that day, resulting in their big win. Tori Sublette, a junior and avid soccer fan, watched the first game and said that she could feel the joy, chemistry and companionship the team exhibited after their first victory. She felt the team worked as one with their consistent passes and flawless goals.

The boys started conditioning before school started, which united the team and helped them work as a cohesive group. The boys faced a devastating 3-0 loss against competitors Desert Christian on September 11th, but that didn’t hurt team spirit. Sophomore player Eric Johnson said that “the loss stung at first, but he fueled himself and the team to fight harder and bring it home the following week for Homecoming.” Johnson also said that if the lost fueled anyone it was their coach Jeff Clashman, who also teaches Latin in the Middle School.

Johnson said that Mr. Clashman filled the boys with spirit throughout the game and the loss made Clashman even more determined to work harder than before and make sure this was the boys only loss of the season. The players feel as though Clashman is working harder than ever to train them to be the best in the section.

Not only is Clashman spreading team spirit, but The Gregory School is going all out for the boys this year with a  school-wide spirit week to support the team before their big game. Despite the rainy weather during the week of Homecoming, the students still participated in a week of festivities. Senior player Andrew Zlaket said he was really excited for the homecoming game, despite his broken hand, and thinks that this soccer season is going to really be something special. His only concern is finding good goal scorers. He thinks if the team had exceptional ones they could be the best in the section.

Despite being concerned about players who could score, Zlaket was optimistic about the Homecoming game and the boys beat San Miguel by an impressive margin of 4-1. Senior and co-captain Marcos Castillo scored the first goal of the game soon followed by goals from Skylar Decker, JP Alvarenga, and Miguel Quinac. Davis Byrne, a senior player on the team, said that the sole factor in their victory was the level of school spirit conveyed from the fans. Nearly all the students came to watch the Homecoming soccer game, bringing a lot of loud cheering and positive energy. If the students of The Gregory School keep up the school spirit there is no doubt our soccer team will be number one in the division.