The Gregory School volleyball team this year had to face various changes in different perspectives. One of them was many new members; however, the girls already managed to become a supportive and strong team. “Our team consists of plenty of experienced players plus all the girls connect extremely well which makes playing on the court easier,” says junior Janessa Guerrero.

Another important change is the new coaches, Angela Vande Mheen and Brian Halbach. Angela decided to become a coach at The Gregory School because there was no volleyball team at Green Fields school, where she used to work. “My experience with The Gregory School Volleyball Team has been an outstanding one so far. The girls are a warm, energetic and a fun-loving group! They treat each other with respect and kindness, and do the same for their coaches. Coming in as a new coach, I did not know what to expect from them, or our season, but they have proven themselves on and off the court,” revealed coach Vande Mheen.

Another important addition to the team this year was Angela’s assistant Brian, who is an alumni of Green Fields. “He has volunteered as an assistant coach for me in the past and has been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ideas to make the girls better. Brian is my second pair of eyes during games, finding holes on our opponents floor during matches. As a JV coach, he is undefeated, and continues to push the girls daily,” said coach Vande Mheen.

The coaches have seemed to find a connection with the team just like the girls: “The coaches this year are wonderful, they work us hard but at the end of the day we can all laugh together. Both of the coaches are hard working and fun to be around. Our coaches are there to help us get better and within just a few weeks of being with them, I have seen major improvement in not only myself but in the rest of my team,” said sophomore and Junior Varsity captain Jessica Hunter. The JV captains this year are Jessica Hunter and Emma Whittman, while Alyssa Metcalf and Triahna Johnston hold the positions of the Varsity team captains.

“They always know how to encourage and bring you up if you’re having a bad day and compliment you when you’re having a good one,” said Guerrero about the JV captains. “…They are always there to support you when you are down on the court, they keep the energy up and never give you the feeling that they are better than you just because they are the captains,” said sophomore Jessica Hunter about Johnston and Metcalf.

So far the team has won eight games and only had two losses. Even though The Gregory School volleyball team is extremely strong this year, they still had to give all they have in order to win. The game against Desert Christian was one of the biggest struggles for the team this year.

“It was the hardest school we have played so far this season, but we worked really hard to beat them and our hard work payed off,” said sophomore Whittman.

This year’s team seems to do their best work and be there for each other no matter what happens: “There is no division between upperclassmen and underclassmen because we include everyone and we don’t feel obligated to, it just comes naturally, so we are comfortable being weird and crazy around each other,” concluded junior Guerrero.