This season’s cross country team shows promise. After one meet, the team is hopeful for the remainder of the season. Senior R.J. Prudic said about the season, “The cross country team is coming together pretty good. We have a lot bigger team than last year. We got a new coach, Robert Scribner, who ran pro for a few years, so that brings a lot of experience to the team.”

The members of the team are as follows: freshmen Kai Morfin, Addison Mort, Sebastian Quintana, sophomore J.P. Alvarenga, juniors Keely Breedlove, Gabi Ventola, Yuxi Xia, and seniors R.J. Prudic, Jacob Sabino and  Eliza Saunders.

The cross country team has gained new members. Freshman Kai Morfin said, “It’s different, and I’ve never done cross country for school before, so it’s fun.”

Fellow freshman Sebastian Quintana is excited about starting a new sport as well. Quintana said, “It’s a new experience; it’s really fun.”

“Some of them seem to mess around sometimes, but they get the work done,” Prudic said about his new teammates. Freshman Addison Mort is adjusting to the new sport. Mort said, “It’s fun; a lot of running though. But still fun.”

Their first meet was a big success, Prudic placed second and Kai Morfin placed seventeenth out of 86 runners. “Everyone else ran well,” said Jesse Vondracek, the other cross country coach.

Unfortunately, Keely Breedlove,  a junior and a talented runner, could not participate in their first meet due to an injury.

The team has high hopes for the season. According to Prudic, “Making state,” is his ultimate goal.