All the hype is back again for the new Apple iPhone, but is it really that great? Apple has announced their new iPhones and the new Apple Watch. Hype abounds for the next generation of the beloved Apple phones. This time around, Apple has decided to make two versions of the iPhone 6. The larger iPhone 6 is called the “iPhone 6 Plus,” whereas the regular iPhone is just known as the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 has a diagonal length of 4.7”, while the iPhone 6 Plus has a diagonal length of 5.5”.

Apple had a lot of pressure to compete with Samsung, LG, and HTC. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 features a water resistant casing that will work underwater for up to 30 minutes. The galaxy also features a 16 megapixel camera, which is much larger than the iPhone 6 with an 8 megapixel camera. Mathematically, the camera is two times better than the iPhone 6’s.

Along the lines of Android phones, LG has their new LG G3, which has a screen resolution of 2560x1440p and a ppi of 538. Ppi is an abbreviation for the amount of pixels per one square inch. To most of us, ppi simply means how crisp and clear the screen looks. The new iPhone 6 has a ppi of 326. So, a top of the line Android has a better looking screen than an iPhone by miles.

You may be looking at these numbers and saying, “Why would I want an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus if the Android phones have all this stuff?” Many people are asking themselves this question including myself. I looked at the base price of the new iPhone 6 plus, which is $300. I went to the Verizon phone store to see how the competition looked, and I picked up a new LG G3 with 32GB of storage for $250. I was also able to pick up an extra 64GB of storage for just $30. That means I have 96 GB of storage for around $300. The best comparison would be an iPhone 6 plus with 128 GB of storage for $500. On average, you would save about $200 by buying a LG G3, which is almost enough to buy a whole new phone. With all of the money you save not buying an iPhone, you could go buy yourself a top of the line Android.

So why should anyone buy an iPhone 6 over a top of the line Android? The simple answer: it’s an iPhone. It looks nice, feels nice, and it is a big status symbol. I want to state that I have nothing against Apple, I have owned an iPhone 5 for two years, but I am just beginning to realize how great these Android phones are. Anyways, Apple has always had reliability on their side. This is where they really outshine their competition because the phones rarely stop working. With Android, glitches sometimes occur. The glitches don’t really affect anything, but they can be annoying.

The real question still remains. Should I shell out $300-$500 for a new iPhone or should I just go buy the leading competition for less? Personally, I would choose an Android and use the money you saved to go buy something else. If you want a better screen and camera, go get yourself a new Android. If you want a nice looking phone that is reliable, go get a new iPhone. But, you should look at the prices and comparisons to really see the differences before you go spend $500. Unless you want to go spend hundreds to look cool, you should really consider Android before Apple as an option for a phone this time around.