Since the beginning of the new school year at The Gregory School (formerly St. Gregory), there have been tweaks in the administrative structure on campus. While there have been no additions to the administration this year there have been modifications to the roles of several members of the faculty and staff.

The head of school, Dr. Julie Sherrill, stated during a recent interview, “Some students have different learning plans here at The Gregory School. Several faculty members have taken on the responsibility to provide students who need it with additional support, along with additional communication with parents of these students.”

Several teachers have taken on various roles apart from their primary teaching roles in order to provide administrative support to the school without the school needing to hire more administrators. “We are not currently in a financial position to recruit new administrators,” Sherrill said. “So, we are grateful that several faculty members have volunteered to help us fill the roles they are interested in.”

Drama teacher, Mrs. Lisa Bodden, is now the Student Council advisor and in charge of facilitating morning meetings. Also, Spanish teacher, Dr. Matt Teller, and leadership teacher, Mr. Brian Lorimer, are assisting students, and communicating with parents of students who need extra attention. History teacher, Dr. Michelle Berry, is now helping with faculty professional development.

The school has also made Ms. Lori Barnett a full time substitute teacher. “She did a great job teaching English during the first semester,” Sherrill said. “Also, I thought that we needed some continuity for students when their teachers aren’t at school. Every time a teacher needs to be out of school, the beauty of having someone always on campus that builds relationships with the teachers and the students. If a teacher knows he or she is going to be out on a certain day, they can easily tell Ms. Barnett in advance, because she is around and easily accessible.” Barnett is also assisting Berry in professional development.

Ms. Mary Babbitt, who was last year’s Director of Student Services, now has a new title, the Director of Admissions and Outreach. When asked about Babbitt, Sherrill stated, “Because so many faculty are now doing many of the things she was doing last year, her responsibilities are now much more focused on the rebranding of the school.”As Director of Admissions and Outreach, she is now reaching out to the community to to make sure the school’s new name is getting spread around. “This should help us recruit more students in the future,” said Sherrill.

The school has also been searching for a new business manager, since their former business manager, Carol Baranowski, moved to La Jolla, California. “I have done a great number of screenings and interviews this past month. We have now narrowed down our prospective business managers to about two or three people. We are currently doing very thorough reference checks on three candidates, and we hope to have one selected soon.”