Hawks soccer finished their season with a 7-5 record in their division and a 5-3 record in their section.

They headed into the state competition ranked eleventh. They played their first game against Blue Ridge and they lost with a score of 1-0. Blue Ridge  won the game due to a TGS own goal.

”I really wish we would have won, but we gave it our all. There is nothing we could have done about that goal. We  put all of our heart into it, we helped each other get through it as a team,” said senior Miguel Quinac

Senior Riley Breedlove said, “We didn’t really go as far as we wanted to in states. We lost to the team that ended up going all the way to the finals. We played without our captain and center back, Danny Benson. We did all we could but over all it was a great season. I really enjoyed playing with this team and I hope they can do well next year.”

Seniors Marcos Castillo and Danny Benson were the captains this season. Danny was a center back and Marcos was a midfielder Andrew Zlaket said, “I’m really happy that two of my close friends got elected as captains because I know they have ability to lead us to a state championship.”

Senior Andrew Tinley expressed the differences between Benson and Castillo as captains. He said, “Danny is the strong one on the field and is always there to tell us to do better Marcos is good at talking to us off the field and he is more of a quiet leader.”

“Andrew Tinley has kept us in a ton of games. I am super thankful to have him as our goalie. We would have lost a lot more games without him.”
— Andrew Zlacket ‘15

There are several players who have been crucial to the team this year, such as junior Skylar Decker, captain Castillo, and senior Miguel Quinac.

“Marcos is one of the leading scorers and whenever he plays well our offense runs smoothly. Skylar is smart and strong in the midfield and as a forward because he is a great passer, and knows the game really well, he makes the players around him better,” said Tinley, who plays goalie.

“Miguel plays really good defense, and there aren’t many players who can get around him; he’s a good stopper and midfielder. He passes well and plays smart. When he is healthy and strong everything works well together rather than when he is injured. Things don’t run smoothly without him,” continued Tinley.

“Skylar really set the pace for other players,” said Zlaket. He also talked about the importance of a strong goalie. “Andrew Tinley has kept us in a ton of games. I am super thankful to have him as our goalie. We would have lost a lot more games without him,” said Zlaket.

Jeff Clashman, head coach, has been the long-term coach at The Gregory School. He is enthusiastic and vocal. “Clash is one of the most driven people I have ever met and having him as a coach is a great opportunity for me because I know his mind is always on the most important task which is the state championship,” said Zlaket.

As the season ended the nine seniors played their last game. “It’s sad because my time as a player is running out but the time that I’ve had with all my friends and coaches has been great,” said Zlaket.

Zlaket has played on the team for the last three years. “It’s hard to think that these will be my last couple games for The Gregory School soccer team. I have learned so much these last four years and I am going to miss being a part of the program,” said Tinley.

Losing nine seniors will be a challenge to be overcome for next year but, there are several younger players with experience to help continue the Hawks soccer legacy.

From the captains: