The season ten finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with Cristina Yang’s (Sandra Oh) departure and the arrival of a new character, Margaret Pierce (Kelly McCreary). Yang left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in order to take over a cutting edge cardiovascular medical facility in Switzerland, and Pierce came to Seattle in order to fill Yang’s role as head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

In its eleventh season, fans had high expectations for Pierce as she was the replacement for Yang, an original cast member and fan favorite. Pierce also had a lot of drama surrounding her coming into the season, as she is another half sister of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), the main character of the show, and the daughter of Chief Webber (James Pickens) and Ellis Grey (Kate Burton).

Fans also had high hopes for the season as a whole. I have seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy from season one and it has never disappointed. There is always new excitement and drama whether that be within the relationships between characters, some type of medical miracle, or a huge influx of trauma patients due to some natural disaster. The casting of characters and level of acting has also been great throughout the seasons. All of this is what was expected of season eleven, and overall I don’t believe that it has met its expectations.

The new character, Pierce, is a huge let down. She has been prominently featured in all four episodes since the season began, and I just find her extremely annoying. She is young, eager, and the complete opposite of Yang. The whole season has focused on the fact that she is Meredith’s sister. She and Meredith get off to a rocky start because Pierce has replaced Meredith’s best friend, so Meredith naturally wants nothing to do with her.

It also focuses on Pierce’s relationship with Webber. It seems as though this whole half sister thing has been played out on the show before. Meredith had another half sister, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), who came onto the show in season three and died during season eight. Lexie and Meredith didn’t get along when they first met, but once they got to know each other they became close friends. So, because we have all seen how Meredith reacts to finding out about a half sister, and we can probably predict that Meredith and Pierce will soon be friends.

The actress who plays Pierce, Kelly McCreary, is one of the worst actors on this show. She over-exaggerates things immensely and often seems as though she is trying too hard. Many actors have come and gone throughout the eleven seasons of the show. McCreary is the only one who stands out as substandard.

There have also been complaints about this season’s background music and special effects. They have been playing the music far too loud to the point where you cannot hear what the actors are saying. The music has also been very cheesy.

There was one scene that stood out to me a lot based on special effects and that was the opening scene of the season premiere. Meredith, Pierce, and Chief Hunt are on the hospital roof in the middle of a storm waiting for a patient to come down in a helicopter. The special effects were exceptionally horrible and I would even say laughable. It was clear that the weather and helicopter was fake right off the bat and it just continued to be cringe worthy throughout the whole scene.

Season eleven is off to a rocky start. By the eleventh season you would expect a show to fizzle out and maybe that is what is happening to Grey’s Anatomy. While the show is still one of ABC’s top rated, the ratings have gone down from last season and continue to go down every episode. Last seasons ratings averaged at a 2.7 and this seasons last three episodes have been at a 2.4. These are Neilsen ratings so the numbers are based on the percent of households tuning into the program. The amount of viewers has also dropped from 10.2 to 8.4 million viewers from the first to fourth episode.

Shonda Rimes and the whole Grey’s Anatomy crew will need to do something major in order to get season eleven back on track and gain their viewership back, or there may not be a twelfth season.