Ann Kirkpatrick (CD-1)

Ann KirpatrickRange: Oro Valley and the area North of it

Representative: Ann Kirkpatrick, age 64

Kirkpatrick, a Democrat, is serving her third tenure as Representative. She first won representation of District 2 in 2005-2007. Then she served as representative of the first district from 2009 to 2011 before losing to Republican Paul Gosar (R).  She regained her seat in 2013, and won re-election this year 52%-47% over Andy Tobin. Some of her political positions include: pro-choice on abortion, increased border security, and pro-Dream act.


Martha McSally (CD-2)

Martha McSally (R), candidate for Congress. Photo: McSally for Congress

Range: Eastern Pima County, which includes most of Tucson and Cochise County.

Representative: Martha McSally, age 48

McSally, a Republican, is the newly elected representative of District 2. She also ran in 2013, but lost to Ron Barber in an extremely close race. This time around, she beat Barber by an even closer margin of just 161 votes. McSally is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the US Air Force, and was the first women to fly in combat.  One of McSally’s political positions is that K-12 education should be controlled locally, and not by Washington.


Raúl Grijalva (CD-3)

Raúl GrijalvaRange: All of Southern Arizona from West Tucson to Yuma

Representative: Raul Grijalva, age 66

Grijalva, a Democrat, has served as the representative of District 3 since 2003. He retained his seat over challenger Gabriela Mercer 55% to 44%. He is regularly voted the most liberal member of the House by publications like National Journal and GovTrack. Grijalva has strong ties to education (he used to be a member of the Tucson Unified School District board) and is a strong advocate for K-12 education. He also supports the Sonoran Desert Plan.