The Gregory School is currently seeing the effects on sports teams due to a shifting school and administrative mindset. The Gregory School has been known for putting emphasis on college preparatory academics and academic extracurricular activities. Being properly educated to the highest standard is something The Gregory School should be proud of.

However, the school is lacking in encouraging students to participate in something other than their academics.

Students at The Gregory School should be expected to excel in their classes as well as something outside of class.

Many committed athletes at The Gregory School spend their own time playing the sports that they love which in turn help build community at The Gregory School. However, when athletics are not valued by students and faculty, it makes it difficult to give credit to those students who work hard in their sports on top of their academics. If the school valued the opportunity to play on a team and have a responsibility to other members of the community, it not have such an issue with school spirit.

Due to the lack of student interest there will be no women’s basketball team for the 2014-2015 season. Sophomore Elaine Wright said, “It was really disappointing when the girl’s program got canceled, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the boy’s program.” As a result, girls will play in the boys basketball program.

Dr. Michelle Berry, Head of the Basketball Program said, “We made the decision to have the girls participate with the boys especially on JV with the exception of Taylor Thompson who is trying out for Varsity. We did this to make sure the girls did not have to take an entire season off with the hope that next year we can improve the program with a few incoming freshman. We already have five super committed gals. The fact that they are willing to step it up and play with the boys is a huge deal. I mean that takes great courage, maturity, and commitment. I am blown away by them.”

Berry has high hopes for this season and is confident that the girls will become stronger than ever after this season, although they may be playing on the boys’ team.

At many other schools being an athlete is an honor. At The Gregory School it seems as though athletes are not receiving the kudos and credit they deserve. Putting in the physical work is hard enough, not to mention the amount of time and energy it takes to be a part of an organization while still making good grades. Most of the athletic programs at The Gregory School make it to the state competition at the end of the season, like volleyball, boys’ soccer and basketball. In turn the teams are overlooked and seemingly unappreciated.

Why does the athletic department have to bribe students with pizza and candy just to come and support their number one ranked volleyball team, or the returning Boyd Baker champion basketball girls? They shouldn’t have to.

The athletic community of The Gregory School should be more valued for the outstanding athletes it has. Sports help to bring students, parents, faculty, and alumni together and build a community that honors athletes for their hard work to bring recognition to the school. Instead, the bleachers remain empty.

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