The swim team ended their season on November 1. They are proud of all they have accomplished this season, and are eager for the next swim season.

Many swimmers beat their personal times and improved drastically. Sophomore Elaine Wright dropped a few seconds during the 200 Freestyle Relay at their meet in Phoenix.

Freshman Michael Artzi was very impressed by team member Brielle Kalish-LeBarge. Artzi said, “Never being on a team before, Brielle learned all there was to know from how to swim each stroke to what was considered ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ for a stroke. Brielle came to all the meets and tried her hardest at each and every one. By the end of the season, she boosted both her confidence and her skills.”

It was clear that the team was dedicated to improving. Freshman Hannah Emami said, “Everyone on the team impressed me, because everyone worked and tried really hard. Everyone improved their swimming over the course of the season, and made an effort to show up to all the meets and practices.”

Artzi also noticed how the hard work helped the team. Artzi said, “I saw major improvements in our team’s confidence and in our actual strokes, and can say that we did better and better at each meet!”

Many members of the swim team also participate in club swimming teams throughout the year, including Michael Artzi, Bridget Norman, Ben Siemens, and Hannah Emami.

Their dedication shines through during The Gregory School swimming season, but they along with the rest of the team still work extremely hard and improve their swimming skills with two hour practices each day.

The whole team has become a lot closer during this season as well.

Junior Violeta Keifer said, “Overall team moral felt better this year and each meet was a chance to bond. We became a strong and competitive team.”

Artzi agreed and said, “We all bonded and became close at meets and at team gatherings.”

Coach Wheeler believes that the team meshed well. Wheeler said, “We had some amazing freshmen that came out to really round out the team! We lost several swimmers from last year and the sophomores stepped up to fill those key positions in the pool. The juniors and senior were a huge support system for the team and they were excellent role models for the younger swimmers.”

The swimmers are hopeful and excited for next year’s season and for another chance at making states.

Keifer said of the team’s results at states, “This year we were so close and a little more time would allow us to meet our goal.”

Artzi is excited for next season as well. He said, “I can’t wait for next year’s swim season. Swimming is a passion of mine and I work at improving everyday, all year round. It’s especially rewarding to represent your school. It will be exciting to have the current eighth grade swimmers join our team, and I look forward to even further improvement of our team performance as swimmers, and as teammates.”

Wheeler said of the season, “At the end of the season everyone seemed to have a good time and improve a lot from day one. That’s a winning season in my book!”

The 2014 swim team.

The 2014 swim team.

From the captain:

“My favorite memory from the season was when after the Sahuarita meet we went to Greg & Amy’s Twist and Shout 50s diner and Zak put a sugar packet on the ground and told our waitress that she dropped her name tag.”
— Chloe Durand ’15, Swim Team Captain