The Walking Dead Season 5 has just started and it is one of the best seasons so far.

For those who don’t know what The Walking Dead is, it’s a show about a disease that spreads throughout the world and kills off most of humanity. The people who die turn into “walkers,” otherwise known as zombies. The zombies try to eat the living people as well as animals. They cannot die unless they are either shot or stabbed in the head. You become a zombie if you die or are bitten by a zombie, making the infection control your body. The show follows a group of survivors and the leader, Rick.

In previous seasons there have been a lot of new characters, and many of them die. There have been lots of villains, some of which kill off others in the group. One of these was Gareth, who appeared in the end of season 4. As you might recall, Rick’s group had just entered “Terminus,” which was a place that claimed to provide sanctuary for all. But, at the end of season 4, Rick’s group finds themselves trapped in a cargo box by the Terminus people led by Gareth. We find out that these people are cannibals, and that they rely on luring people in to eat them.

So far in season 5, Rick’s group escaped Terminus and killed lots of the members of Terminus. They fled to the wood, and they found a reverend who was trapped by the zombies. They helped him, and he led them back to his church. The group lived there comfortably for awhile, but they found themselves getting picked off by the survivors of Terminus. They capture one of Rick’s group members, Bob, and they eat his leg in front of him. They find out the Bob is bitten, thus making the cannibals concerned about eating tainted meat. The Terminus group goes back to kill all of Rick’s group, but they are all ambushed and killed by Rick. In the most current episode, half of Rick’s group left for Washington D.C. to find a cure while the other half stayed at the church.

I think that season 5 is the best season so far. Season 4 was a little bit slow for my liking, and I just sat there waiting for Rick to kill the governor. Season 4 was also a little bit predictable, and everybody knew that there was going to be a big war. Rick was also not acting like a leader, and just would try and leave his problems behind and go farming while his group was dying. I think that this season has a lot of suspense and a lot of questions. In the end of season 4, they pressed the reset button and opened up a lot of new doors. I think that Rick is stepping up as a leader now, and I also think that Carol is showing her leadership. She was banished from the group, but she was welcomed after she saved them from dying.

So far, this season has definitely been one of the show’s best yet. There is a lot of suspense, and there are a lot of questions answered. What I really like so far is all of the unanswered questions in every episode. It seems as though every episode ends with a cliffhanger, and you look forward to getting answers in the coming episodes. I also really like the idea that they are introducing a new environment, Washington, D.C. I think it will be interesting to see half the group in Georgia and half the group in Washington, D.C. and it will be neat to see how the directors make it work. Overall, I think this season has the potential to be one of the best seasons, and I hope that the show will still work with the group separated by hundreds of miles.