Senior year students are notorious for slacking off, not coming to school, and being generally lazy, otherwise dubbed as “senioritis.” The Gregorian Chant staff investigated this so-called epidemic among the class of 2015 at The Gregory School. Here’s what students and teachers had to say about the existence of senioritis:

Alyssa Metcalf: “You know your class has senioritis when four people show up on test day.”

Riley Breedlove: “Senioritis is simply terrifying. It’s like a darkness that washes over you and keeps you in your bed every morning.”

Andrew Zlaket: “Senioritis hit me when I was a freshman. It’s coming for you too, so be ready.”

Riley Matulewic: “I don’t think you can blame everything on senioritis and being tired, you have to do work at some point in your life.”

Danny Benson: “Senioritis is real. I didn’t believe in it before. I’m struggling with it right now.”

Ms. Malika Lindsay:described this year’s seniors as “variously motivated” and “unaffected by outside influence.”

Andrew Tinley: “For all of you who think senioritis is a joke, check all of our grades second semester, and see for yourself.”

Claire Kelly: “Having senioritis is basically like having Ebola.”

Ms. Elizabeth Young: “It’s easy to generalize the existence of negative behavior upon a group at large when in fact it is not indicative of that group at large, but just indicative of several students, so to say that the entire senior class has given in to this concept of senioritis, that in and of itself I think would be false.

Lalo Hurtado: “Senioritis is a recipe of showing up to class late, not turning in assignments, and 100% laziness.”

Miguel Quinac: “Senioritis is one of the weirdest feelings in the world because it makes you go loco almost overnight.”

Julia Goes: “I don’t know what is this.”

Gabby Levy: “Unfortunately my senior year has two semesters, and I’m not even done with the first one. When is graduation again?”

Skye Jones: “I’m done.”

Dr. Berry: “I have no comment about Senioritis because it is a fictional illness that I refuse to dignify with a remark.”