The Gregory School girls soccer team began their season with a tournament in which they played Empire High School, Desert View, and Pusch Ridge. Although they lost all of the games, the team remains optimistic.

After their first game as a team, captain and junior Gabi Ventola said, “Our first game went a lot better than we expected given the fact that we did not have a full team. However  we really came together and played fantastic for such a new team.” Ventola serves as co-captain with junior Keely Breedlove, who has also been on the team for three years.

Freshman Caroline Zlaket had similar views and said, “Our first game went much better than I thought it would’ve gone, by a lot.”

Sophomore Remy Matulewic said, “We lost 1-0, however that is pretty good considering not many girls have played before, particularly our keeper, (Alison Williams) who played her first game and did an outstanding job.” Zlaket also noticed William’s performance, saying “Our keeper, Allison, only let in one goal, and had a ton of saves.”

This year , the team’s head coach is TGS alumni Abel Herrera. Zlaket said of Herrera, “He pushes us to be our best, but he also makes practices and games really fun for us all and helps us realize that soccer is more than just a game; that it’s connected to so many things in our lives.”

Herrera was the head coach last year as well. Matulewic believes that this experience helped him to mature as a coach. She said, “He recognizes that everyone is at a different skill level, and caters to that by running drills that are beneficial to everyone.”

Elena Acuña, a freshman on the team, also enjoys having Herrera coach, saying, “Abel is a great coach and even being so early in the season I’ve already learned so much and I can’t wait to continually improve with his help.”

Herrera’s new coaching skills along with the team’s dedication and hard work keep the girls hopeful for the rest of the season.

Matulewic also said, “At this rate, I think this season will go very well. The team has been responding well to learning new skills, and they work hard on applying them in games. There are many things we still need to work on, however this is just the beginning of the season, and I believe that we could win some games this year!”

Freshman Elena Acuña is also expecting a great season and said, “We have a team with previous experience playing the game and using that as a base I think we can really build throughout the season. I also just love all of the girls on the team and am super excited for good memories on and off the field.”