About a year ago everyone in news and media was talking about Ukraine fighting its right to join the European Union as the Russian president would not let Ukraine do so. For over a year now the two countries have been in a war because Russia will not let the Ukraine be free.

Russian president Vladimir Putin argued that Ukraine would be better off by joining Russia, just like it was back in the Soviet Union. However, it is most likely that the reason he wants Ukraine to join Russia is to gain more land, people, and power.

From the beginning he gave the old Ukrainian president, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, a good price for not signing the contract with NATO. With every action Putin only proved that he has become a dictator and did not care about the people he is hurting or killing.

He said that the Russian people who ended up living in Crimea or places close to that need his protection from the Ukrainian president and Ukrainians. Most of the population in the regions of Ukraine who were taken by Putin throughout this year do not want his help and have asked him to leave, but he continuously ignores these facts and does only what he personally thinks is right.

More importantly, Putin’s actions affect not only the Ukraine and Russia, but also many of the European countries. Junior Moritz Gloesslein, who was born and lived in Germany for most of his life, said, “I have talked about the war that has happened with my parents and my family because it is also affecting politics in Germany.”

Junior Garthan Freeman, originally from the United Kingdom, added, “Ukraine would be better for Europe because they could then join the EU and not be under the rule of a dictator.”

“I think, for the Ukraine, it would be best to become part of the European Union so that they can maintain their own freedom,” said senior Sebastian Lee who was born in Italy.

Some of the students were asked what they believe the final result will be and two different strong answers came up.

Freeman said, “A huge divide of unbalanced power will happen which will end up with Putin continuing to rule the ukraine also possibly causing a major war within Ukraine.”

“I think the sanctions that were set on Putin (which are already effecting Russia) will keep the whole country from rising economically which will ultimately force Russia into an alliance or some sort of pact with other countries because the country will be helpless and soon need help from other countries,” Gloessline said.

For now, the economic situation in Ukraine is stuck in the same place; however, the new president, Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko, gave Ukraine new hope for an independent country.  Andrey Illarionov, former economic advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin and an expert for the Cato Institute in Washington D.C., said in a report to the Kyiv Post, “Money and natural resources can’t guarantee that the country’s economy will grow.”

The United States Vice President Joe Biden recently went to Ukraine to have a meeting with the Ukrainian President Poroshenko to help with the war. “The Ukrainian government hopes to have further US assistance for its forces, locked in a drawn-out struggle with pro-Moscow separatists in the east.” reported the KyivPost. Therefore, the Ukrainian government along with all the help from around the world, will hopefully find a solution to free the country.