Photo courtesy of Chloé Durand.

Photo courtesy of Chloé Durand.

Coming to The Gregory School at the beginning of the second semester, Asha Ramakumar is now the newest member of the class of 2016.

Ramakumar previously attended Catalina Foothills High School, but her family decided that it was best for her to move to The Gregory School.

“I was feeling like there wasn’t enough academic support, and it was difficult for me to get my work done,” said Ramakumar. “There was a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities, which isn’t a bad thing, but I ended up spending more time on my activities then my schoolwork.” Ramakumar was active in the marching and jazz bands at Catalina Foothills.

Ramakumar was born in Rochester, Minnesota, but has lived in Tucson for 13 years. Eventually, Ramakumar says that she wants to move to Seattle “because I love the weather, and I feel like the vibes and atmosphere just call my name!”

Ramakumar played tennis when she was younger, but is now interested in yoga. She has many different hobbies, which include playing the piano and tenor saxophone in addition to participating in the color guard team (which involves dancing with flags, rifles, and sabers). She also enjoys traditional Indian dancing, gardening and hiking.

Ramakumar is especially interested in art. She loves to draw; one of her paintings was displayed in the Tohono Chul Art Museum before it was purchased.

Ramakumar also said that she also loves cooking and is an “advocate of healthy lifestyle.”

Last summer, Ramakumar attended a biotechnology camp and a jazz camp at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Attending an independent school is a new experience for Asha. Previously she had only studied in public schools. However, she seems to enjoy attending The Gregory School. Ramakumar said, “The good thing is definitely the individualized attention you get. It’s nice to know that you’re supported.”

Asha has only been in this school for a couple of weeks but has already managed to make lots of friends. Junior Carly Caylor said, “Asha is very outgoing and sweet. I think she fits in well here.”

Biology is one of Asha’s favorite subjects. She said, “I love plants and biology, but I also love art. My dream job would incorporate both of those elements, so part of what I need to do is find a job where I can use both!”

“Asha is off to a great start in AP Biology, and clearly is a sharp student and hard worker,” said Science Department Chair Kevin Rolle.

Ramakumar added that she thinks “it’s nice to have your classes every other day because it allows you to budget your time however you like!”

She enjoys the classes that she is taking and loves faculty. “I think the faculty is outstanding. They’re so committed to our well-being and education. It’s so easy to talk to them when you have a problem.”