Over winter break, the cancellation and subsequent digital release of “The Interview” dominated headlines across America. “The Interview” is a comedic film that portrays an assassination attempt on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Hackers threatened terror attacks at screenings of the movie in the United States days after releasing documents, emails, and other information they stole from Sony Pictures in an attempt to prevent the movie from being released.

After large theater chains refused to show “The Interview”, the movie was released online and in small, independent theaters.

“The Interview” follows two men, played by James Franco and Seth Rogen, who run a popular TV show that gets the opportunity to interview Kim Jong Un. Before they leave for North Korea, the CIA approaches them and asks them to assassinate the North Korean dictator.

The release of the movie was first delayed by Sony Pictures so they could make edits to the film, hoping to reduce the movie’s insensitivity to North Korea.

After those changes were made, the “Guardians of Peace,” a group of hackers affiliated with the North Korean government, accessed computers at Sony Pictures and leaked everything from embarrassing emails to movie scripts.

That same group eventually threatened terror attacks on US theaters that showed the movie. Sony cancelled the theatrical release of “The Interview”, but it later changed course and released the movie in independent theaters and for purchase and rental online.

Sony made about $31 million off this unconventional release, but many people still think it was a mistake not to show the movie in theaters.

Senior Davis Byrne said, “I think it should’ve been shown in theaters. It was a weak move by Sony. History has shown how North Korea is all bark and no bite.”

Sophomore Zakaria Lamri said, “It is my personal belief that while movie theaters nationwide took precautions in showing the films, are we really going to let a terrorist threat infringe on our right to have fun, and censor our movies? I think not,” said Lamri.

Lamri added, “I think strongly that if a nation has a bone to pick with ours, they shouldn’t do it over a laid-back comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco.”

Due to the massive publicity surrounding the hacking of Sony Pictures and threats against screenings of “The Interview”, people who didn’t even plan to watch the film decided to see it.

Lamri said, “Normally this was not a movie that I would’ve gone out of my way to see, but since there was so much controversy, I decided ‘why not?’ and gave it a spin. Turns out I loved it!”

Personally, I didn’t find this movie very entertaining. It was quite unrealistic and definitely offensive to North Korea, but it could be a great movie to watch with friends. Occasionally, the jokes in the movie can be funny such as .

While the movie does not tell an important story or teach a useful lesson about the situation in North Korea, it could be entertaining to certain people.

After watching “The Interview”, I was kind of shocked because I expected so much more from the movie. Many others said it became one of their favorite movies, but I wouldn’t watch this film again, regardless of the controversy.

“The Interview” is available immediately on Netflix and other services.