The girls soccer season was cancelled due to numerous player injuries and a general lack of players. January 23rd—a loss by forfeit—marked the team’s last game, even though the team had recently won against Coolidge and Santa Cruz Valley Union.

All TGS girls’ soccer games for the rest of the season are now cancelled. The team’s final record was 3-6 not including the cancelled games, which count as forfeits.

After struggling to find players at the beginning of the season, two players were out with injuries, leaving the team with no bench and no substitutes. Senior Alison Williams and sophomore Remy Matulewic both suffered major injuries very early in the season.

Williams, a goalie, broke her jaw during a game against Pusch Ridge and continued to play the second half. Matulewic suffered an LCL (lateral collateral ligament) injury during a game against Tanque Verde.

She was hopeful that she would be able to finish off the season before the news of the cancellation. Matulewic said, “I am out for four weeks in total. However, I will be able to play in the club season when it starts in mid-February,” she added.

Before the season was cancelled, junior Keely Breedlove said, “In order to make it through the rest of the season, all of our remaining players will need to play smart. Our coach, Abel Herrera, has said many times that no move on the field in worth getting yourself hurt.”

With only thirteen uninjured girls on the team, the team was in a tough spot. They needed eleven girls to play.

Captain Gabi Ventola said, “It’s quite difficult to remain a team with all of the recent injuries, but every player who has an injury has always showed their team commitment by showing up to practices and games even if they are unable to play. And many players have been playing through the pain which illustrates how committed the girls soccer team is.”

It seems as though team commitment is no longer a strength and in fact it is their biggest weakness as the season comes to an early end. Ventola said, “We have remained strong through the season and have tried to overcome any obstacles in the way,” but those obstacles became unavoidable.

Monty Lussow is a new senior at The Gregory School and was a huge part of their defense as a center back. Lussow said, “Every game was a struggle whether we won or lost. There have been many games we should have won, but a lack of communication and energy got in the way.”

Ventola said, “Monty has a huge influence on the team in a positive way. She was able to organize the back line and has saved us from numerous goals. She played her heart out every game.”

In addition to Lussow, Ventola said, “Emma Whitman and Grace Herrick were also key players in the game. They were constantly running in the forward position and creating many goal scoring opportunities.”

An unfortunate end to the season leaves the team disappointed.