This semester, the literary magazine is back in full force. The staff has been working diligently to produce a new, online issue.

The ‘lit mag’ is composed of nine staff members, with none of them holding any position superior to the other. “Each member focuses on a particular aspect of producing the magazine, like editing, promoting, and publishing,” said junior Ben Petersen.

The magazine publishes work from TGS alumni in addition to upper and middle school students. The name had been Rillito Reflections for the past several years. “We began with a more modern vision for the publication, with great content from the community and a fresh new brand,” Petersen said.

The magazine staff opened the name of the magazine to the Gregory School student body, and got a large number of suggestions. The staff finally chose the Gregory Muse for its upbeat and contemporary tone.

Lisel Lutz, Kavi Koshkarian, Violetta Kiefer, Bea Anctil, and Ben Petersen are members, along with faculty advisors Elizabeth Young and Jessica Langan-Peck.

These members have worked hard since September to restart the literary magazine at our school and produce an issue that many TGS students have not yet seen.

“About 100 different people have looked at the site since it was launched,” said Petersen. “We’ve only announced it to students and teachers, not parents.”

“I love literary magazines,” Langan-Peck said. “I love reading them, I occasionally publish them, and I worked as a fiction editor for the one at the University of Arizona.”

The writers and artists for the first December issue were Skye Jones, Nicholas McCullough, William Sprayberry, Isabella Tubisco, Mia Schneider, Caitlin McCormick, Jiaming Li, Justice Williams, and Anisha Jaggi. Pieces ranged from a photograph by Skye Jones to a creative writing piece by Caitlin McCormick to a poem by Jiaming Li.

“The Middle School has been very enthusiastic about the new lit mag. They have definitely contributed to the body of work in the lit mag,” Petersen said. “We want everyone at TGS to participate in the process, whether they submit their work or join the committee.”

Langan-Peck said, “Our biggest challenge on the ‘lit mag’ is student interest and getting submissions. It’s definitely a challenge to raise awareness and excitement from the student body about something like this.”

The magazine, with a new name, The Gregory Muse features stories, poems, photos, and artwork by Gregory School students and alumni.

While many Gregory School students have not yet looked at it, it is important that these writers’ and artists’ hard work is recognized. Students can check out their website at