Prom is a day where high school students can dress up, take pictures, and dance away the night, but the prom committee’s experience is completely different because they have to put in the work to make the event happen.

This year’s committee includes TGS Registrar Holly Ainza and juniors Nicholas McCullough, Sarah Mark, Janessa Leon-Guerrero, and Aysia Holman.

The Prom Committee sells candy grams during lunch. Photo courtesy of Dhruv Patel.

The Prom Committee sells candy grams during lunch. Photo courtesy of Dhruv Patel.

Last year’s prom was held at the Sheraton on Grant Road, with a theme of ‘Viva Las Vegas.’ Coming up with new theme ideas and finding the perfect location are the hardest parts about organizing the prom.

“This year we are aiming for a more glamorous atmosphere,” said Holly Ainza.

Even though being on the prom committee is a fun experience, it is a lot of work. Senior Claire Kelly was part of last year’s prom committee and describes organizing prom as “very difficult.”

Kelly said, “It is hard to plan an event to satisfy everyone’s needs and wants. It is also hard to get things done when not everyone on the committee is focused, but regardless, we still put on a good prom last year.”

This will be Ainza’s second year leading the prom committee. She said, “My favorite part of planning prom, and working at the Gregory School, is my interaction with intelligent, energetic, creative, and enthusiastic young people.”

Junior Janessa Leon-Guerrero said, “My favorite part about planning prom is choosing a theme because there are so many ideas and options out there.”

Junior Nicholas McCullough said, “Prom is fun because it helps strengthen friendship ties, as well as creating lasting memories that we can hold onto even after we graduate.  It’s exciting to see other students dressed up and having fun outside of school, and prom is the classic ‘night to remember’ for  high schoolers.”

McCullough added, “It’s a major occasion for most schools, and that is where we struggle. With a limited school population, it’s hard to have an exclusive “Junior/Senior”  prom, and so we involve the whole upper school. This allows us all to come together.”

McCullough also commented on why prom is such a big deal in America. “Hollywood has had a big hand in making prom a part of popular culture, and this notable event is a time for friends and fellow schoolmates to enjoy a night together.”

Ainza said, “The most difficult task in the process is finding an affordable, entertaining DJ. Any suggestions from students are welcome.”

Junior Sarah Mark said, “This year’s prom is gonna be really special… I PROMise.”

Prom is scheduled for Saturday,  April 18 from 8 to 11 PM. The theme will be announced during upper school meeting on Monday, February 16, where the school will kick off its second annual promposal competition.

The Prom Committee will also be selling chocolate rose candy grams beginning February 1 for Valentine’s Day.