There has been a lot of discussion about the graduation date for the class of 2015. Dr. Sherril has made it clear that there will be no change made. The class of 2015 will be graduating on Thursday, May 21 at 5:30pm.

Even though the date is not changing, there are still some people who do not approve.

The main complaint with the date is that family will not be able to come into town. Others have complaints that there are many public school graduations on the same night. Few do not mind the date and just want to be done with high school.

Here is what members of the senior class had to say:

  • Gabby Levy: “I would rather have graduation on a Saturday so my family can come in from out of town.”
  • Claire Kelly: “I am beyond ready to graduate. We don’t need to push it back another day. I’ve already spent too many days in high school!”
  • Grace Herrick: “I think the graduation date may be inconvenient for people’s family members that are coming in from out of town, but at this point I think that changing it would just confuse and anger more people”
  • Alyssa Metcalf: “Why is graduation on a Thursday? Does that even make sense?”
  • Davis Byrne: “I don’t like it. It’s stupid.”
  • Riley Breedlove: “I think the Graduation Date is unusual and might’ve been placed on the wrong day. Graduation has always been a weekend thing and should continue to be. I understand it may be too late to change the date but they should try and fix that for next year if not this year.”
  • Andrew Zlaket: “I think it’s dumb that commencement is on a Thursday. A lot of family can’t come into town because they can’t take off work in the middle of the week.”
  • Danny Benson: “I don’t really understand why graduation is on a thursday. It’s not really that big of a deal, but there has to be a reason why they changed it to a weekday instead of the weekend.”
  • Andrew Tinley: “ I think graduation is going to be an amazing time no matter what day it’s on. I’ve waited for this my whole high school career, and I can’t wait to walk the stage with all my classmates”
  • Noah Sanders: “I’m fine with graduation being on a Thursday because my dad works on Saturday”
  • Miguel Quinac: “I don’t really care about the graduation date. I kinda wish it was on a Friday but I really just want to get my diploma and be done with school.”