On December 15th, Jeremy Shockley and Jennifer Newman have launched Tucson’s very first dairy-free ice cream parlor: Cashew Cow.

Cashew Cow offers healthy alternatives to ice cream, making all of their vegan desserts from raw cashews, which leaves out the fatty cream, dairy, eggs, and sugar that can all be found in traditional ice cream.

With the lack of fatty ingredients, their frozen desserts are cholesterol free and have half the saturated fat of ice cream and gelato.

Shockley and Newman took Tucsonans by surprise with their new spot, making it the destination to satisfy a sweet tooth. They launched with six classic flavors and have introduced seven additional ones since their opening.

Cashew Cow

Photos from Cashew Cow’s Facebook Page.

Their flavors include coffee, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, vanilla orange cream, mint chip, and chocolate chip. This winter, they are also offering pumpkin-flavored ice cream

Many may scoff and roll their eyes at the concept of cashew ice cream. For that matter, some might not even call it ice cream at all, but Cashew Cow changes it up.

The flavor Shockley and Newman develop from the cashews totally transforms the nut, making it hard to believe you are not eating traditional ice cream. The cashew cream is an indulgent alternative whether or not you have a dairy allergy.

A Cashew Cow employee said that a lot of people are scared of trying new things, including cashew cream.

She is good friends with the owner of the company, Jennifer Newman, and she talked about their initial anxiety about opening such a unique venture in Tucson.

Everyone at Cashew Cow is pleasantly surprised, and more importantly, relieved that this new alternative to ice cream has been accepted in the community.

Cashew Cow is a 800-square-foot shop in Broadmoor-Broadway Village that is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

The shop is tucked inside the village, making it seem like the hidden treasure of Tucson. Upon walking in, customers are greeted by an array of flavors and they see the ice cream being made right in front of them.

Cashew Cow has a friendly, cheerful staff making the customer’s dessert dining experience beyond what they could’ve imagined.

The interior of the shop is all white with industrial chairs, making the parlor feel modern and fresh, much like their desserts.

The parlor is almost always full and their desserts at the end of the day are often sold out, so it would be smart to miss the nightly rush hour and get there in the earlier hours of the day.

Whether you can consume dairy or not, Cashew Cow is something you should not miss.