Baseball at The Gregory School is off to an optimistic start. With a second year coach and new players, things are looking good this year. The team is lead by Coach Billy Hayes, who is the returning Hawks coach for the 2014-2015 school year. TGS Athletic Director Vic Acuna, Adam González, and Jay González are assisting.

Hayes recently started coaching after he left his college baseball team a few years ago. “I tried to play in college. I got cut and I was going to go play somewhere else, but I wasn’t sure where, so I started helping Vic. He was like, ‘come out; you’ll see the game differently.’ I liked it, and stuck with it.” Hayes has coached for a total of ten years with two being at TGS.

Hayes looks forward to coaching the team this year. The team consists of nine people: three seniors, one junior, and a mix of five  freshmen and sophomores. Even with the young team, Hayes is optimistic about their potential. “We should be pretty good. We have a pretty young team, but we have probably more talent than we had last year,” Hayes said.

Hayes has a lot of goals for the team. “I think the first goal for us is to make the state tournament. It’s something we talk about a lot. It’s something the team hasn’t done in, I mean, a while. The seniors have won a mere 17 games in their 3 years. So, that will be something big for them.”

Hayes also wants this year to be focused on development of the younger players, but he hopes to strengthen the team’s defense. “We’re focused on pitching and defense. That’s probably going to be our strength, so trying to make the roots in plays, get all the outs pitches provide, not get the extra outs, play the game hard, put a lot of pressure on the other team when we’re at the plate offensively, being aggressive, running the bases well,” said Hayes.

The team plays 15 games this year, which they of course hope to win. Hayes also wants the kids to enjoy the game and have fun. “If the kids enjoy it, they are going to be our best recruiters to get their friends out there.” If this year goes well and the team has fun, next year might have even more players for the Hawks team.

The players also are really enjoying this year and the coaches. Freshman player Alan Siqueiros said, “The coaches are very motivational to us [sic] and they push us to a great extent.”

Despite changes to the program, the baseball team hopes to make it to the state championship for the 2015 season.