Next year, The Gregory School is planning on implementing a new schedule.

Rather than maintaining the alternating “day” system, which the school has had for about 15 years, the new schedule would have students go to A, B, C, and D blocks on Mondays and Wednesdays, and have students go to E, F, G, and H block on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On the all-new ‘Funky Fridays,’ students would go to all their classes for 30-35 minutes or participate ina special activity.

“It would simply be a check in period with all a student’s teachers before the weekend,” head of school Dr. Julie Sherrill said.

Sherrill, in her interview, made it very clear that this schedule has not been completely finalized, and that she and the administration are very open to suggestions.

“We want student and teacher feedback on the new schedule. At this school, as students have seen, we’re very open and flexible to change.”

Some teachers like this new schedule. “I like the check in period on Friday,” Biology teacher Kevin Rolle said.

“It allows students to figure out exactly what they have to do before the next week.”

Many students, however, along with other faculty members, seem to dislike the idea of this new schedule. “That’s how they did it at my old school. I don’t like the idea of going to the same classes the same day every week, it’s far too repetitive. In fact, even the Day 1 and Day 2 is repetitive,” senior Sebastian Nee said. “The Day 1-4 system was the best.”

Some students are also upset that the only constant aspect of the schedule is that it changes year after year. “I’d like it if they kept it the same for once,” freshman Max Mainman said. “I actually like the schedule as it is.”

“I think shorter classes on Friday definitely won’t work out because it will lead to students having more work on weekends,” senior Brandon Swartz said.

Teachers seem to feel the same way about this new plan. Math teacher Dr. John Willy said, “The problem with having all your classes on Fridays, with eight blocks, would lead to classes being far too short. They would only be half an hour long.” He too would rather have the old, Day 1-4 system back.

The school also plans to introduce a new concept called Interim Week. “Basically, for one week in each semester, classes will be cancelled,” Sherrill said. “We, at this time, would have students go on their retreats, their senior trips, and maybe even have seniors finish their college applications.”

Interim week, so far, seems to be very well recepted, by teachers and students alike. “Interim week is a great idea because I won’t have to catch students up and worry about them missing classes,” Willy said.

Students, who often skip their retreats because they are afraid of missing too much schoolwork, like the idea of not having to worry about school while they are doing such trips.

“It’s really stressful to miss two days of school to go to Mount Lemmon, because you almost always miss a test, project, or some other major assignment when you are gone,” junior Brian Liu said. “If we don’t have something like that to worry about, we may actually be able to enjoy the retreat.”

With the new idea of interim week, Sherrill said that the administration might even roll out new trips.

“We’ve always talked about having a marine biology trip, but have never really had the time to do one,” she said. “This may be a great time to start.”