Mid-March, Junior Karam Katariya was appointed Upper School Student Council President after the departure of previous President senior Riley Matulewic.

Last May, Katariya was elected Vice President to the executive board. This is his first year on Student Council at The Gregory School, having previously served at his old school.

On being appointed, Katariya said, “When I found out I was now president, I was more surprised than anything, because something like this never usually happens, and is really unexpected. I was a little nervous, because I knew it was a hard job that required hard work and Riley’s shoes would be hard to fill. However, I was also really excited because I could finally try and make the difference I wanted to make.”

This will be the first year in the history of The Gregory School that a junior has served as student body President. Usually, the prerequisite for running for President is one year of previous student council experience and the candidate must be a senior.

Katariya has already started planning for the rest of the school year. “While Riley focused a lot on increasing spirit at TGS, which was a great cause, I want to focus more on tangibility.”

Katariya is interested in a new student lounge, more microwaves, and more student input at board meetings. “Those are the more tangible things I think TGS students would appreciate more,” said Katariya.

Student council advisor Lisa Bodden said, “Thankfully he worked so closely with the President and being such a vital member of student council, he was able to assume the responsibilities with very little conflict or challenges on the part of student council. I don’t think anyone even flinched or batted an eye when he started taking over.”

Now that Katariya is President, the position of Vice President has been left vacant for the rest of the year.

Because of Matulewic’s departure, there are now only three members on the executive board. “Brian Liu and Gabi Ventola have been so great,” Katariya said. “Even though there’s no one to fill the role of Vice President, Brian and Gabi, in addition to their current jobs, have taken over the Vice Presidential roles as well. They’ve been super helpful with this transition and we make a great team.”