In this year’s senior class there were several students who applied early decision to schools. A few of those seniors were Claire Kelly (Scripps), Madison Mainman (Emory), and Skye Jones (New York University).

The Gregory School prides itself in its production of outstanding scholars such as those mentioned above. To have several students admitted to their top choices through the early admissions process is an outstanding achievement.

Kelly applied in the fall to Scripps and The University of Arizona. She had many reasons as to why Scripps was her top choice of school. After hearing so many positive things about Scripps, Kelly visited and saw the school for herself.

Kelly said, “It’s an all women’s school, which seems scary at first, but it is on the same campus as four other coed schools so there are plenty of guys around. You can take classes at these other schools as well and you can eat in their dining halls. But because Scripps is an all women’s campus and so small it is well kept and absolutely beautiful, which is another reason why I chose it.”

When someone is fully committed to a place or is passionate about continuing their future at such a place, it is easy to choose early decision. The hardest part of this process is the wait. Kelly said, “The day they were supposed to notify me of their decision was the longest day of my life. It wasn’t till about 7:30 that night”.

Skye Jones’ admission process was also stressful, but in a different way. Jones applied early decision to New York University this year, and due to her school of choice she had to submit a portfolio. Jones said, “Getting my portfolio together took a lot of trial and error and I have to thank my friends for modeling for me and enduring my bossy ways when photographing them.”

Although the process was stressful, Jones says that she works well under pressure. Jones said, “The entire college process was stressful for me because I tend to procrastinate a lot but it somehow worked out in my favor towards the end because when I do things the last minute, I do my best work.”

Madison Mainman did not know exactly where she wanted to attend, but she knew the general region where she wanted to be: the North Carolina and Georgia area.

Mainman said, “A major reason I chose Emory was location. I knew I wanted to go out of state for college, but I didn’t think I could move somewhere totally new. So, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere close to South Carolina because I grew up there and still keep in touch with many friends who live there, which is why I mainly applied to schools in North Carolina and Georgia.”

Choosing a school can be difficult, but as young adults, high school seniors must be able to look at the big picture and at schools they see relating best to their future. A school has many reasons as to why it might be seen as desirable.

Location, city life, and opportunities that a surrounding city may offer all come into play when making a decision. Mainman noted this, saying “I liked Emory’s location because it is about ten minutes out of Atlanta. Atlanta is one of the Southeast’s largest cities and provides not only good food and shopping, but also many opportunities for students in college and for graduates.”

Mainmain’s future career choices also impacted the decision, “Right now I’m pretty sure I will be pursuing a medical school and Atlanta is home to many great teaching hospitals like Atlanta Medical Center and Emory University Hospital.”

When applying early decision, an applicant’s chance of getting in can go up significantly. However, potential applicants may want to visit a school to find out for sure if it is in fact the school for them.

Mainman said, “I wanted to visit the city and university before committing. I remember calling my mom like two weeks before the early decision deadline and basically asking her out of the blue to fly across the country with me. Thankfully, my mom is wonderful and understanding and was completely down for a last minute trip. So we went and I obviously ended up loving the university and Atlanta.”

The Gregory School has always been known for its amazing students. The school sends an incredibly high percentage of its students to the university of their choice, with early decision applications offering less of the waiting anxiety that can make college applications even more unpleasant.