On March 30, 2015, the annual Gregory Day (formerly St. Gregory Day) was held, with a Star Wars theme. Many students in the senior class had always wanted a Star Wars theme, so it was only fair that they got it before they graduated. The fact that it was on a late start day sparked lots of controversy, but since the date had been pre-decided and fixed by the administration in their schedule before the beginning of the school year, there was nothing the Upper School Student Council could do to change it. Despite obstacles like an absent advisor and executive member, the day went according to plan.

For the Gregory School student body, the much anticipated day began at 11:05 AM, when through the Public Announcement system in the office, a Star Wars theme song was played, and students were asked to come to the theater right away. “It was announced at the perfect time to surprise people,” freshman Yoni Weiner said. “My class had started a quiz so nobody knew it was coming.” 

As students walked into the theater, they came in to a lobby covered in Star Wars decorations and heard a continuation of the Star Wars theme song. When the lights dimmed, there was roaring applause and the Student Council video played on the projector.

The goal of the day was to gather the Death Star plans. The freshmen and sophomores were allied with the Rebellion, “the good guys,” while the upperclassmen were trying to recover the plans for the Sith. With each activity, the winning class got a CD, symbolizing part of the Death Star plans. The team with the most CDs at the end of the day would have the most Death Star plans and would automatically get all the plans, thus winning the day.

Students participated in a series of activities, ranging from tug of war to a marshmallow eating contest, named “Chewie Bunny” as a Star Wars reference to Chewbacca, and “Millenium Falcon Eating,” which was really just a pie eating contest. Sophomore Daniel Leighou even had the pie thrown in his face after he did not finish it.

Other activities included lightsaber throws, which was based off of javelin throws, and lightsaber fights, in which contestants had to put one  of their legs in a kiddy pool, balance on their other leg, and and use handmade lightsabers to fight each other. Sophomore Eric Johnson was undisputedly the champion of this activity.

After the field activities, students were treated to a Chipotle and Eegee’s lunch. “It was so nice to have a change from the regular cafeteria food,” junior Carly Caylor said.

Following lunch, students split up to practice or create various initiatives. The lip sync battles were a particular success. Whether it was the giggly freshmen girls trying to get through a Taylor Swift song, Maya Encila’s splits while lip syncing “Uptown Funk” with her classmates, Daniel Rosenberg twerking through “Fancy” or Jay Song putting on a white sheet during his class’ lip sync of “Ghost,” the lip sync battles produced a lot of laughter and a lot of fun.

The faculty at this time also performed a skit, in which physics teacher Mr. Dennis Conner acted as an English teacher, French teacher Ms. Amy Clashman acted as a teenage girl interested in nothing but texting, and history teacher Dr. Michelle Berry acted as a jock who kept leaving class. Ms. Mary Babbitt stole the show as a delivery person from Jimmy John’s.

The students then got to hear the school appropriate Quiz Bowl, which was still full of laughs from the student body. A particular answer saying Ms. Bodden’s baby was named Morning Meeting brought especially raucous laughter.

We finished off our time in the theater with the announcement of the winners: the seniors. Sophomore James Kukla won the GoPro raffle.

The day was finished with a water balloon fight and color war, while music from the outside sound system blared and color was thrown. “School just became a color war,” sophomore Emma Whittman said.

School spirit was at the highest I’ve ever seen it, and the Gregory School student body genuinely seemed to be having a good time.

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