In the year 2010, then-Head of School, Mr. Jonathan Martin, started a One-to-One laptop program at The Gregory School (then St. Gregory). The hope was that students would have easy access to technology at their fingertips, and that all their classes would maximize the use of laptops for research and projects.

However, as the years have gone by, some students and teachers have stopped focusing on laptop computers as an optimal learning tool, while others still love to use them in all their classes.

“I find computers in class useful because we have so much project based learning. With laptops, students’ questions in the spur of the moment can easily be answered. I love that in my upper division classes, the students have computers handy to look things up,” Chemistry teacher Dr. Colleen Kelley said. “If we need to buy something or look up a certain software, it’s at your fingertips.”

Physics teacher Dennis Conner agreed with Kelley. “The instant access to information is great. With the resources of computers, problems don’t have to be clearly defined but can be more open ended,” he said.

Students, too, love the fact that they have computers at easy access. “I love the program,” junior Daniel Rosenberg said. “I love the ability to write papers easily with my computer with me, and I can easily continue assignments I started at school at home.”

Furthermore, students in science classes can conduct labs and experiments in their classes as a result of their computers. “It’s so much easier to do online labs for science classes,” junior Brian Liu said. “You get the same results and can actually have experiments, but without creating a mess.”