First and foremost, thank you to every member of The Gregorian Chant for their contributions this year to produce a newspaper that we are all very proud of. As several of our editors—Chloé Durand, Raymond Roesler, Arii Sylvers, and Triahna Johnston—move on to college, we especially salute their incredible contributions to our newspaper.

I remember the first day I walked into the journalism class not knowing what to expect. Mr. Mossman was sitting in his desk. All of the seniors were hugging each other. Everyone was very excited about a new year.

I looked around the room, realizing that I was the only freshman. Sophomore Caitlin McCormick was the only other underclassman in the class. I immediately thought to myself, “Great. This is going to be a rough year.”

As the year got going, I realized I was wrong. Everyone on the Chant staff was really motivated to work, thanks to the inspiration from our editors.

I was most impressed that they did not judge your capabilities based on age or grade level. The editors have always given me tough tasks to complete in a short period of time, even though I was a brand new member of the staff.

After we finally got the first paper out, we noticed all the mistakes, but we were still happy that we got it done.

The journalism class traditionally travels to the Journalism Education Association Convention, which was held in Washington D.C. this year. I was really hesitant to go as the only freshman, but our editor-in-chief Chloé Durand heard that I was planning to skip the trip, and she asked me why.

I didn’t really know what to say: it’s D.C., nobody I know is going, I would miss school. But Chloé said how much I was appreciated as a member of the class and that I needed to go. I ended up going on the trip and having a great time with this amazing group of talented people as we learned how to produce an even better paper.

Chloé’s encouragement shows a great deal of leadership and positivity, mainly because I had my heart set on not going and she convinced me otherwise.

I would like to thank all of the editors for always being there and being motivated to do journalism as well as encouraging others to join in on their passion.

Arii Sylvers and Raymond Roesler always dropped whatever they were doing to help me out with any questions I had about the daunting page layout software we use. Raymond always seemed to be a voice of reason when debates sprung up, while also possibly holding the record for fastest page designer (which is much harder than you might think).

Arii always had article ideas that balanced interest with intelligent controversy and was responsible for the fact that The Gregorian Chant always published unique and fearless content, while also giving great music suggestions.

I would like to thank Triahna for managing all the staff photographers and making sure we got all the photos we needed. Last year, Chloé took practically every photo, so this year’s well-coordinated team of photographers kept the paper colorful and eased the burden on everyone.

Finally, we all want to thank Chloé for being a strong editor-in-chief and leading a newspaper that we all love. Being the leader can be tough, especially when you have to deal with all of the smart (and loud) opinions of our junior staff members. Chloé made it look easy.

She cares about this paper probably more than anybody else does and that kind of enthusiasm is infectious. It is because of her work and the work of all of our editors that our paper is something to be proud of.

Without them, poorly written articles would be printed in black and white on that ugly gray paper.

Chloé Raymond, Arii, and Triahna, thank you for inspiring us. We will all miss you, and we wish you the best in your future. We hope we can make you proud next year.