Head of School Dr. Julie Sherrill and physics teacher Mr. Dennis Conner have been working to establish a new design lab on campus over the past few months.

The Gregory School’s yet-to-be-named ‘fab lab’ will be modeled after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Fabrication Lab.

The planned ‘fab lab’ will replace Conner’s physics classroom this summer. The remodeled space will contain all-new technology, like laser cutters and 3D printers for STEM education.

The lab will not focus solely on science, technology, and engineering. Instead, the plan is for the space to become an interdisciplinary learning space used for a variety of projects.

The construction and setup of the new lab will be funded by an anonymous donor. According to Sherrill, the donor “graciously donated $75,000 for this space.”

The ‘fab lab’ on campus will cater not only to students, but members of the greater Tucson community. “One of the requirements to join the MIT network is that the lab is open and able to be used by people outside a school community,” Sherrill said.

“This, however, is a benefit. It will raise awareness about the school and will allow people to see how great of a learning space The Gregory School is. This may even increase our enrollment,” said Sherrill.

Being part of the MIT ‘fab lab’ network has its perks. “Through this network, we will be able to Skype with counterparts working on similar projects in highly technological schools around the world, which will really help spur our creativity,” Sherrill said.

Students will use the new ‘fab lab’ space for their classes, but they can also use the space for extracurricular activities. Science Olympiad captain Brian Liu said, “The Fab Lab will provide us with a great space, along with great, dedicated resources for the building and engineering that makes up such an important part of Science Olympiad.”