After much discussion and speculation, next year’s daily schedule remains unfinished business for The Gregory School administration. No changes have been finalized yet, and even announced ones are still in the works.

Head of School Dr. Julie Sherrill revealed significant changes to the schedule last month and a proposed schedule circulated among administrators, teachers, and students. In that schedule, Friday classes were eliminated in favor of special activities, and the start times of regular morning classes were pushed back to accommodate early morning zero hour periods.

Students were asked whether they were willing to take early morning classes on their course request forms several weeks ago. These classes may start at 7 am in the morning. According to Sherrill, zero hour periods would be optional if students wanted to finish earlier or take certain courses, and many students have shown interest.

People who chose not to take zero hour classes would arrive at 8:45 am or 9 am, a move that would bring TGS into line with recent medical studies that suggest the necessity of later classes for healthy sleep patterns in teens. This year, all students began their classes at 7:50 am, marking an hour difference for next year.

Encore classes would continue in the upper school; they would however be expanded to the middle school since many middle school students are on campus for several hours after classes end waiting for their parents to pick them up.

One of the most contentious schedule alterations is the elimination of the current alternating block schedule. While Friday classes could still be removed in favor of special activities, Day 1 classes would fall on Mondays and Wednesdays and Day 2 classes would fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sherrill spoke about these changes on April 17 in a morning meeting presentation.