Some call it a trend. Others call it a lifestyle. But in the grand scheme of things, veganism—a diet free from animal products—is changing this planet for the better. With the growing demand for healthier food options, students have insisted that the TGS cafeteria make additions to their menu.

The demand for vegan options on campus is real and growing. It began last year when more and more members of our student body started becoming either vegetarians or vegans. While the cafeteria removed dairy ingredients from their hummus and pita dish last year, that wasn’t enough for Gregory students.

Students wanted healthier and more environmentally friendly options served in the school cafeteria. Senior Gabi Ventola, who has been a vegan for three months, was inspired to become vegan after watching the critically acclaimed documentary Vegucated.

The 2011 film follows three “meat-eaters” for six weeks and asks them to transition into a vegan lifestyle. Needless to say, there were some bumps along the road, but they were incredibly informed about the corruption and ruthlessness of America’s meat industry in the end and agreed to share the vegan message with the world.

Ventola, who has been a vegetarian for her entire life, was “appalled by the way corporate America treats animals that are being raised for human consumption.” She said she “didn’t know about the abuse cows and chickens were under just to produce milk and eggs.”

This was her breaking point, which pushed her to boycott the meat and dairy industry and become a vegan. When the school year started this fall, Gabi and other vegan students noticed drastic changes in the school menu.