Off-campus lunch has been proposed by students for several years now, but it is time to make it happen. Many students on campus want more food choices for lunch, since the cafeteria’s options are very limited.

“The food at school is always the same. We need something different,” junior Argun Tolan said. Even without food allergies and special diets, many students are looking for healthier options.

“The school lunch options are very unhealthy. The majority of the choices consist of burgers and pizza,” senior Ben Showard said.  Plus, the food off campus can be more affordable.

Tolan said, “The food outside would be a lot cheaper than the food here.” Junior Zakaria Lamri agrees that students should have more choices.

“I think the wide variety of options opened up by the possibility of leaving campus includes healthier diets with more nutrients and minerals as well as unhealthier diets, but again, this is an important choice students should make about what they put in their bodies and it’s good to start eating healthy young,” Lamri said.

The lunch period on campus lasts 30 minutes, but the period is really more like a full hour when you include the optional 30 minute tutorial period that follows lunch. Senior Asha Ramakumar said, “We’re lucky enough to have long lunches, so we should be able to use that time in the way we want.”

By doing a number of surveys we found out that students overwhelmingly support the idea of off-campus lunches, and they believe that rules about safety and responsibility can make it work. Senior Skye Berman suggested attaching off-campus privileges to GPA.