The Gregory School hired a number of new faculty and staff members to further improve the quality of our community and campus. While the school lost a few faculty members like math teacher Alexis Mata and college counselor Malika Lindsay last spring, the school is fortunate to have the guidance and expertise of several new staff members from around the country.

Interim College Counselor David Schindel. Photo courtesy of Sam Groskind.

Interim College Counselor David Schindel. Photo courtesy of Sam Groskind.

David Schindel is the new interim college counselor on campus. Schindel recently retired from Sandia Prep in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but Gregory Head of School Dr. Julie Sherrill asked him to serve as an interim counselor at TGS when she visited Sandia Prep during a Independent Schools of the Southwest (ISAS) conference.

Schindel relocated to Tucson for the year, but he is uncertain whether or not he would like to remain as a part of the TGS family for more than a year. “The love of my life of 47 years still lives in New Mexico,” Schindel said. He’s referring to his wife, who still lives and works in Albuquerque. But Schindel is thrilled with TGS and its administrators.

“Dr. Sherrill’s passion for students and learning is just amazing,” he said. “I also like the senior class a lot. They’re a remarkable collection of people and I want to serve them well.”

Schindel is very excited to continue working with the senior class as they apply to college this fall, and he will also assist the juniors as they start searching for colleges. He also wants to transform the college counselling office from what it was in the past.

“I want to create an office that translates into the Gregory School’s future,” Schindel said. “I also want to begin working with the junior class and getting them ready for the exciting but intimidating college process.”

So far, Schindel loves TGS. “I just wish it was in New Mexico,” Schindel said. In addition to a new college counsellor, the school has also hired a new Director of Advancement, Sarajane Trier.