After the second Republican presidential debate on September 15, pollsters have Carly Fiorina surging to second place, pushing Ben Carson out from what was once his comfortable spot behind the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

The debate brought CNN 23.1 million viewers, making it the most-watched program in the network’s history. The first national poll released after the debate was conducted by CNN itself. Trump disputed the poll’s results, which showed his lead shrinking and Fiorina rising to second place.

Trump cited a later poll released by renowned pollster John Zogby, who had Trump widening his lead and Carson clinging on to second place ahead of Fiorina. Regardless of the uncertainty about who is second and who is third, there is a clear trend among the top three Republican candidates: political experience, or in this case, a lack thereof.

Despite their obvious differences in policy and experience, Trump, Fiorina, and Carson all capitalize on their designation as Washington outsiders, as none of them have ever held public office.

Trump is the Chairman and CEO of The Trump Organization, which owns and operates residential and commercial real estate properties worldwide. Trump is also known for his reality show on NBC, The Apprentice. Over the years, Trump’s many ventures have included Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump: The Game, Trump Magazine, Trump Airlines, and Trump University, all of which have since been discontinued or gone under.

One of the most heated exchanges during the CNN debate was between Trump and Fiorina, where the two attacked each other’s histories in the corporate world. Fiorina’s biggest challenge in the campaign is overcoming her legacy from her time as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, which ended in Fiorina being fired by the board of HP in a unanimous vote.