It’s a record year in Student Council history: three sets of siblings have taken leadership roles in one year. The Katariya brothers, the Ramakumar siblings, and the Bates twins all won their respective elections and headed into the 2015-16 school year with plans to make revolutionary changes.

With a new student lounge, new hammocks on campus, and plans for Homecoming already in progress since their first meeting, the year is off to a strong start. At any other school, working with family would be almost impossible, but The Gregory School is not exactly like any other school.

Senior Representative Asha Ramakumar said that working with a sibling at school is not quite what she expected. “We haven’t been in school together for the past seven years, so it’s kind of weird. Kiran likes to tell random, embarrassing stories about me during our meetings.” However, she still knows that she can count on her brother, which makes the whole process seem a lot easier.

Kiran Ramakumar said that he enjoys working with his sister on Student Council. “I get to see her in a different place besides our house, and we are more connected now that we’re both on Student Council. We disagree about certain things, but in the end I think we make a pretty good team.”

Meanwhile, Student Council President Karam Katariya works closely with his brother and Student Council Secretary Jaiveer Katariya. “On Student Council, the whole environment becomes so much more familiar knowing that someone in your family is right there. It’s easy to know if Jaiveer has done his job, and I can nag him about it at outside of our meetings. Sometimes, one of us comes up with ideas outside STUCO and we have the other to bounce it off of, which is super helpful.”

The Bates twins are a little different than the other siblings on Student Council because the age gap between them is a mere minute compared to two or three years in the cases of the Ramakumars and Katariyas. Sophomore Representative Alice Bates said, “We definitely get along at home and are very close outside of school. But we disagree a lot, so that makes it difficult. Sometimes we have to just let it go and end the argument for a while.”

Oliver Bates said, “We both have very different opinions, but neither of us are scared to voice our own opinions, even if they contradict the other’s feelings. We aren’t shy. We disagree about things during Student Council meetings, but we can go home and create more ideas about whatever topic we were discussing, which is cool.”

So why did the student body elect these three groups of siblings? It could be the friend groups that each Student Council member is a part of.