Student Council began the new year by announcing a number of changes to the way they operate as a part of their ongoing efforts to become more engaged with the student body.

According to senior and Student Council Vice President Gabi Ventola, “Student Council has progressed in many aspects such as the involvement of the whole student council in decisions rather than just the executive council (as it was my freshman and sophomore year) and the basic foundation of the student council goals.”

Structural changes include new roles for grade-level representatives: one representative is now a community service ambassador, and the other representative is a communication ambassador.

According to Student Council, communication ambassadors serve as the link between the Council and the rest of the school community.

Sophomore Alice Bates, who serves as a communication ambassador, said, “I hope to create a stronger bridge between the student body and Student Council.”

Community service ambassadors work to get the student body more involved in community service in Tucson. Ventola said, “They are supposed to present the grade with ideas of which they can earn community service and they are supposed to find charities. They are in close contact with Mrs. Bodden, the new community service coordinator.”

Student Council also changed the plans for many school events.

The annual homecoming dance will take place on Saturday night after homecoming on Friday night.

They also plan to host more drive-in movie nights.

“I think we were tired of putting effort into events that were not met with the same level of excitement from the student body,” Ventola said.

“Rather than forcing events on the student body that wasn’t appealing to them, we decided to adapt to the student body and create events specific for their interests.”

Ventola said their goal this year is to genuinely make life better for students.

So far, the upper school student council has revamped the student lounge and placed hammocks around campus.