It’s a new year, and that means another wave of promising sports teams from The Gregory School. With many talented incoming freshmen, and well-practiced upperclassmen to lead the efforts, the sports teams seem to be meeting their usual high standards of success.

One of the programs, though, is recovering from a gap year. For the first time in the history of the sport, The Gregory School did not have a women’s basketball team last year due to an inadequate number of players.

A starting lineup requires at least five girls on the court, and numbers meant that there were only five girls on the team last year. For fear of injury risks that might lead to an abrupt halt in the season, athletic director Vic Acuña closed down the program for the year. The five girls who signed up to play basketball played with the men’s basketball team. Chiara Gloesslein, Chloe Gardner, Elaine Wright, My Lam, and Taylor Thompson all played on the JV team, while Thompson also played with the men’s varsity team.

However, a lot has happened in the nine months since that decision was made. For some players, the decision to not play basketball proved to be the wrong one, and they are now back on the team. For others, this year is a chance to play with the girls again instead of the boys.

Head coach Michelle Berry is excited for the upcoming season.

“I suspect that we will surprise a lot of people because I think they’re not gonna expect us to be quite as good as I think we’re going to be,” Berry said.

Though some people assumed that this year would be a rebuilding year for the team, the girls have shown the needed potential to demonstrate that this is not the case.

Sophomore Chiara Gloesslein said, “We have a lot of girls this year, so I think we’ll be able to play well together.”

Junior Taylor Thompson has perfected her long-range jump shot and has lengthened her endurance, allowing her to be performing at the peak of her ability this season.

Gloesslein has been working on her drop step layups and nailed her position in the middle of the zone defense, growing immensely as a vocal leader on the court.

Junior Elaine Wright, after three years in the Hawks basketball program, has learned how to drive and shoot, causing confusion for the other team’s defense and allowing her to demonstrate her confidence as a dribbler and point guard.

Junior My Lam quickened her footwork even more so than thought possible in downtime before the season begins, and this has changed her defense into something daunting and powerful.

Junior Chloe Gardner has amped up her aggression level and is a fiend on the court, diving for loose balls and using fast steps to stop any chance of the offense scoring against her.

The team is stacked with experience, to say the least.

Along with sophomore Elena Acuña, who has a wicked three point shot and insane agility, and senior Carly Caylor, who steps into the shoes of leadership (and wears them well), the upperclassmen on the team are ready for a promising year of basketball.

Incoming freshmen also prove that the team’s skill will remain at a sustainable high as the years go on and more and more of the upperclassmen graduate.

Freshman Chloe Gorman added, “I’m really excited, I think it’s gonna be a great season! I think we’re all looking forward to it, since there wasn’t a girls team last year.”

It’s safe to say that this year’s performance will make up for last year’s lull.

Starting November 2nd, the Lady Hawks are back in business. And they’re more excited than ever.