Basketball season, one of The Gregory School’s largest sports programs, is finally here. Due to the fact that many of last year’s star players graduated, a good majority of the team is composed of freshmen. With only two seniors, and a couple juniors, there will be a lot of new players on the court this year.

Nick Rosquist, a returning junior, commented, “It will be a little bit of a rebuilding year for us, but I don’t think we will struggle at all, hopefully the freshmen will step up to the plate.” Rosquist is very optimistic about this season, and ambitious about the games to come.

Junior Addison Mort looks up to senior, David Castillo, to help lead them to success, saying, “I think David will be a great leader and role model for the team this year.” The team is starting the season off with a positive attitude, and both Mort and Rosquist are confident that they will still have a good chance at winning states.

Not only seeking direction from returning players, but also respected coach, Michelle Berry and TGS alumni, Andrew Zlacket, Mort said, “I think they will be a great coaching staff. Having Z who played with us last year especially is going to help a lot with the player-coach communication.” Coach Berry is very excited for the season as well, focusing more on the journey than winning, commenting “We take it one game at a time, if you’re always thinking way ahead you’re forgetting what’s between here and there.”