Nick Rosquist

Photo courtesy of Valerie Yarova.

Junior Nick Rosquist, a student athlete of The Gregory School, has just received two Division 2 scholarships. One of the scholarships was to Oakland City University, a Division 2 basketball school located in Indiana. The other scholarship is to South Mountain Community College, located in Phoenix, which is also a Division 2 school.

When asked if he wanted to play in college, Rosquist responded, “My main goal is to play in college and get my education paid for.” Education is a main priority for many athletes who intend to play in college, and this can be a big factor in deciding which school to attend.

One of the main goals for any high school athlete is to make it to Division 1. When asked whether or not he would want to go Division 1 or Division 2 school, Rosquist commented, “I’d rather go D1 and play at a higher level. It’s bigger and better competition if I could make it. I really just want to go anywhere my education is paid for.”

Rosquist further commented that, “I want to thank my coaches that I’ve had, like Dr. Berry and my club coach and trainer AJ Britton. They’ve made me a better player and a better person and have helped me contact multiple college coaches.”

Rosquist is currently a junior, which means he still has another year to develop and improve his skills. He expects to receive many more offers in the next two years, and he hopes to eventually receive more offers from Division 1 schools as he matures.