The Gregory Muse, the literary magazine of The Gregory School, introduced a new set of color themes for its upcoming print publication. The magazine allows students to submit pieces of writing, artwork, music, and more.

The Lit Mag staff has encouraged upper and middle school students to submit to the magazine all semester. Editor-in-Chief Asha Ramakumar called the magazine “a place that allows people to expose a part of themselves that otherwise would have remained hidden.”

According to Ramakumar, the Muse gives students a creative and safe outlet to share and find inspiration. New this year are a number of color-based themes, the first of which is red. The second color theme is blue. Students may submit art in the color or other media that reflects the connotation of that color. While the literary magazine’s initial relaunch last year was successful, the staff wanted to increase the number of students involved in producing the magazine and the number of submissions.

The literary magazine now follows a system of primary color-based prompts, with the first trimester accepting submissions for the color red, the second trimester for blue, and the third for yellow. Ramakumar and the rest of the staff are committed to honoring the submissions they receive.

“We’ve had some really controversial stuff submitted, but we always post it because we know that it’s important for people to know that they’re not alone in what they feel or what they are inspired by,” Ramakumar said.

In December, Lit Mag Production Manager Ben Petersen will speak about starting literary magazines during a panel discussion at the Lit Press Fest at the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center. The staff will meet with students from other local high school literary magazines, share ideas, and could win $100. For the first time the Lit Mag has funding, and this money will go towards the print publication as well as prizes for students.

Lit Mag content is currently accessible through its website at, and the magazine staff will design, print, and distribute a free print copy of the magazine at the end of the year.