We’ve all seen it. From social media, to pop culture, to TGS students, the man bun has made its presence known in our lives.

But who can rock it?

There are some celebrities who have nailed the man bun, and others who just can’t seem to make it look good. Let’s start at the beginning of the man bun, which started in the 6th-7th centuries.

From the Buddha originally, to Terra Cotta warriors fiercely portraying the ’do, countless historians and people in artwork sported it.

Chris Hemsworth, Tom Brady, David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Harry Styles have all made it look good.

The man bun is not the first hair trend to reach the top of the popularity charts. From mohawks to faux-hawks, and from afros to shaved heads, there has been a plethora of daring hairstyles for men.

Now, on a local scale, a few students and teachers at The Gregory School have tried to achieve the man bun on their own, including junior Eric Johnson and Mr. Mossman.

Students and other faculty members have mixed feelings about the man bun, though.

When asked if he liked it, senior Skylar Decker said, “Not a chance.”

“No. Man buns are yucky,” said freshman Acacia Reeder.

“I don’t really like man buns,” said sophomore Hannah Emami.

Anna Valencia is passionate about the trend. “I LOVE THEM. LOVE. THEM.”

“I, Brandi Swenson, do not like man buns.”

Junior Caitlin McCormick, when asked whether or not she liked them, simply said, “No.”

Senior Ben Showard said, “I think certain people can pull it off.”

According to sophomore Elena Acuña, “It really depends on the guy. It takes a certain type of guy to pull it off. AKA, Harry Styles.”

Sophomore Sedona Naifeh agrees. “I mean, sure, I love it. Harry’s is pretty hot.”

It’s well-known that Harry Styles can pull off the man bun. But what inspires the look for TGS students?

According to Eric Johnson, “I kind of just decided to do it one day. But I don’t particularly like it, to be honest. I’m cutting it off soon. I only put my hair up to get it out of the way.”

And who could forget about the original Moss-“man bun”!

According to Mossman, “I love long hair. Male or female. It’s true. I always have. I’m a child of the sixties. Personally, I do the man bun every day when I run and put it into a baseball cap. I get compliments on it from the homeless people all the time.”

Though the trend may not endure for long, the memories of it will remain.

Celebrities and students will cut their hair, and grow it, and cut it again, but the lasting effect of the man bun is one that won’t be forgotten.