The new hawk logo. Photo courtesy of The Gregory School.

The new hawk logo. Photo courtesy of The Gregory School.

Last year it was a new name, this year it’s a new logo. Just another component of a multi-year rebranding process, The Gregory School’s new hawk logo was revealed to the student body on October 26 after receiving the nod of approval from the administration, the Board of Trustees and the Student Council.

Although change is always met with some level of apprehension, the TGS community has embraced the new hawk.

This latest stage of the rebranding effort was taken up by Sarajane Trier, the new Director of School Advancement. Trier said that finding a new hawk logo has been her main priority since joining the TGS community at the beginning of the school year.

According to Trier, the search for a new hawk can be traced back to an intensive market study done by the Board, which first resulted in the school’s name change. Trier belives that along with the need for a name change, “there was an intention at that point to come up with a new look, and that included a new hawk.”

The administration wanted the new hawk to come from within the TGS community, so Trier initially approached the AP Art class to propose designs. The final design was created by Lee McLaughlin, a TGS alum, who works as a graphic designer.

While the design didn’t come from a current student as she initially wanted, Trier was pleased that the design came from an alum.