Just eighteen of the thirty eight seniors in the class of 2016 attended this year’s senior trip to the Los Angeles area. Now, the beloved annual tradition may be threatened by the especially low attendance rate.

The school reportedly lost around four thousand dollars due to overbooking, according to a recent email sent out by Head of School Julie Sherrill. The administration said students backed out and decided not to go on the trip at the last moment.

On September 17, administrators sent a poll to students and asked if they were planning on attending the trip, but no information about the trip’s cost was released until September 25.

The administration realized this low attendance rate on October 9, which was the final due date for trip payment. The trip cost $485, plus a recommended $200 for food and personal expenses. Senior Skylar Decker, who did not travel on the trip, said, “I felt like the cost of the trip wasn’t worth the three day vacation.” Decker was also concerned that the trip cost was not announced until the last minute.

Moritz Gloesslein, a senior who attended the trip, said, “I think it was fine since everyone that went really wanted to go and have a good time, which led to a really fun trip.”

Seniors who attended the trip said they had a great time.

They left at 10 PM on Thursday to arrive in Anaheim, Calif. in the morning and have a full day of fun at Disneyland. They rode on the bus through the night, allowing many students to sleep through the night.

When they arrived at the hotel, there was no time for chit chat. They didn’t even have time to check into their rooms, so they left their bags in a big room and left immediately for Disneyland. They spent their day in the Land of Imagination from 9 AM until midnight.

On the next day, students woke up early to visit the Getty Center, which had an amazing exhibit of bronze statues.

Lunch was at the Getty Center before the group split up. A group of about six students toured the Getty Villa, and the other group went to the beach in Malibu. Students ended the day with a wonderful dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and a tour of the TLC Chinese trailer theatre. On Sunday, they left early in the morning to get back to Tucson. From the students’ point of view, the trip was an overall success. Most students who traveled on the trip enjoyed it.

Senior Carly Caylor said, “I formed multiple new bonds and it was very nice.”