The entire cast of The Gregory School’s fall play “The Superhero Ultraferno” will be performing at the Arizona Thespian Festival in Phoenix, in front of at least 1000 people not once but twice.

Lisa Bodden, director of the play, has not only put in a great deal of effort to present the piece, but was also responsible for inviting the judges when The Gregory School premiered the play in late October.

Judges from the Arizona Thespian Organization visited and determined The Gregory School’s production as the winner in comedy among all of the submitted plays in Arizona.

Consequently, the play will be performed on the mainstage live at the Arizona Thespian Conference twice on Saturday, November 21.

The cast has already invested a significant amount of time and energy in preparation for their big performance. However, they have encountered some issues because of prior commitment conflicts between cast members. Certain students will not be able to attend the conference, meaning that roles will have to be recast. To assist with the transition many people among the cast have opted to take on even more roles.

The cast will have to adjust for the trip up there also. Usually the school vans have been able to accommodate the people that attend the festival.

However, this time, an entire cast and crew have been invited to perform. This means that they will rent a bus to go to Phoenix and some kind of truck for all of the stage material.

Four faculty advisors will be attending: Lisa Bodden, Kevin Rolle, Robert Mossman, and Amy Clashman.

Also, some parents will travel to Phoenix to watch the performance, and other students at The Gregory School are welcome to watch.

Senior Alex Nesci has participated in The Gregory School Drama Department for all four years of high school. “It is very important for the entire cast because this is like a once in a lifetime chance, she said.”

This has motivated the cast and crew to practice more and try to overcome obstacles. At the same time, according to Alex Nesci, people feel prepared with their roles and are excited about this opportunity. Individual thespians will also be competing in various categories.