As the years have come and gone, so have many other things at The Gregory School.

Many years ago, TGS offered vending machines filled with cheap snacks for students to purchase. They were a few on campus, with one located in the gym and one located in the dining hall. But those vending machines vanished overnight.

Other places on campus have changed as well. What used to be Dennis Conner’s classroom is now the Fab Lab. Trees were cut down in the science plaza due to old age. Fortunately, Roots and Shoots club planted more trees to try and replenish the shade in both of these areas.

The school’s athletic program has changed dramatically as well. Many teams no longer exist due to a lack of players, like women’s softball and soccer.  The softball team was disbanded two years ago and women’s soccer had a small team last year, but it was cancelled mid-season due to insufficient players after many people got injured. This year, due to a lack of funding, there will be no women’s soccer team.

After losing all of their games last year, men’s baseball was cancelled for this year. Former players are disappointed that there are not enough players. Alan Siqueiros, a previous player, commented, “I really wish there was a baseball team, but unfortunately, there are not enough people to join.” Kai Morfin, another previous player, said, “I was excited to play this year, but there probably won’t be enough guys to play.”

But basketball seems to be gaining popularity among both boys and girls. Last year, female players had to play on the men’s junior varsity team or try out for the men’s varsity team. A women’s basketball team reappeared this year after more players decided to play. The men’s basketball teams have grown as well.

The school’s administration has changed greatly in the last five years as well. The Gregory School has had three different Heads of School. The middle school and upper school Head positions were eliminated, along with the Dean of Students position. Academic departments in both the upper and middle schools have seen some teacher turnover. The upper school math department has seen numerous changes in staffing. It seems that every year a new math teacher comes or goes, which makes it hard for students to adjust to different teaching styles.

Recent years have not been kind to The Gregory School’s enrollment. Last year, the enrollment was 283 students and this year it is at 255. Enrollment has been dropping for a decade, and it continues to fall from the enrollment of over 300 students five years ago.

With fewer students, administrators, and sports teams, The Gregory School feels like a smaller place. What will the next five years hold for the size of our school?