What are you doing over Winter Break?

HANNAH EMAMI: “I am going to Costa Rica with my family.”

KARAM KATARIYA: “I’m going to India with my family.”

JACK NULL: “Enjoy family time with my new kittens and getting buckets in the Tombstone Tournament.”

BEN PETERSEN: “I’ll be relaxing and finishing a couple of college applications.”

TORI SUBLETTE: “Devoting my time to my dog, my bed, and Keely.”

DHRUV PATEL: “I will be enjoying time with my family and friends.”

VALERIE YAROVA: “I am going to the White Mountains for a couple of days.”

SAM GROSKIND: “I’m staying in Tucson and going to my favorite Chinese restaurant on Christmas.”

CAITLIN McCORMICK: “I’ll be hanging out with friends and enjoying my downtime.”

NATALIE ARMSTRONG: “My family from California is coming to visit so we can celebrate Christmas together.”

NOAH SHARMA: “I am having my paternal grandparents over, and I’m also going to see the new Star Wars movie.”

KEELY BREEDLOVE: “Working and spending time with Tori.”

CAROLINE ZLAKET: “I plan on reconnecting with my cousins, who will be visiting Arizona from their freshmen years of college.”