“And Steph Curry with the splash! What can’t he do?”

Sound familiar? In the past few months, the NBA Warriors basketball team has become more well-known than ever, and their star player is all anyone can talk about.

Wardell Stephen Curry II goes by Steph, an abbreviation of his middle name. He was born in Ohio, yet grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 27-year-old went on to play basketball in high school at Charlotte Christian, and after that played for Davidson, a Division I college, until 2009.

In 2009, Curry was selected by the Golden State Warriors in the annual NBA Draft. Since then, he has gone on to receive countless accolades, including his most recent titles as an NBA Champion and an NBA Most Valuable Player, both received in 2015.

Even at a young age, Curry loved the sport. How could he not? With a father who played for the Charlotte Hornets and a brother, Seth, who currently plays for the Sacramento Kings and grew up loving basketball just as much, it was no surprise that a star was born in the Curry family.

But who is Steph Curry when he’s not playing basketball?

Though it seems that all he ever does is dawn the royal blue and yellow uniform and tweet “Lock in! #DubNation” before every game, Curry is more than just a pro player.

Happily married to Ayesha Curry with two daughters, named Riley and Ryan, Steph is a family man. One day, he’s posting about his new Under Armour ‘Curry Two’ shoe designs; the next, he’s posting a DubSmash from “Frozen” with his wife. It’s all about balance.

Curry loves to golf, as well, but that takes a seat when he’s got a title on the line and games to play. While basketball always stays close to his heart, he manages to live his own life at the same time, which is admirable.

It seems hard to believe that the same person could set an NBA record for three pointers scored in a season (272, if you’re curious) and also be a father, and also be a husband, a son, a brother, a golfer, a shoe designer, and an MVP… How much is too much?

For Steph, it comes down to being humble. Be it through the “Nothing but Nets” foundation, which sends mosquito nets to help treat malaria in Africa, or through his own charity, the Stephen Curry Foundation, he’s always giving back. And that’s what it’s all about.

Family is top priority. At the end of the day, Curry needs to be a good husband and set a good example for his daughters. So, if you see a mark on his left hand while he’s dribbling up the court and flying by defenders (or while he’s sinking three, after three, after three…), look closer and you’ll see an inked, cursive A.

The A stands for Ayesha, and represents his wedding ring when he’s playing and can’t wear the band.

Through his constant work with charity and his ability to remain humble even when the entire world is looking at him as a star––even when the entire nation (not just Dub Nation) is looking to him to make plays and lead his team, he manages to do it.

So, when people say, “Steph’s gonna Steph,” what do they mean?

Do they mean that he’s going to continue to be an amazing father, husband, and family man? That he’s going to keep world–renowned title as an NBA MVP? That he’s going to splash threes and lead the Warriors to, possibly, an undefeated season for the first time in NBA history?

If that’s what it means to be Steph Curry, one can only hope that soon “the entire world’s gonna Steph.”

Because, really, everyone could benefit from  trying to be more like him.