Gregory School students performed their production of “The Superhero Ultraferno” in Phoenix at the Arizona Thespian Conference on Saturday, November 21.

Judges came, watched, and evaluated the dramatic production on campus earlier this year.

They chose The Gregory School’s “Ultraferno” to be performed at the annual Arizona Thespian Conference in downtown Phoenix, giving Gregory School Thespians the chance to perform the play on the main stage.

Twenty-eight students—the cast and crew of “Ultraferno”—performed and produced the play on the final day of the festival for more than one thousand audience members.

Their first performance had roughly 400 spectators, while the second had around 700. Both performances were extremely well-received, with both generating a standing ovations and loud cheering.

The crowd especially loved the character “Aquaman,” played by sophomore Oliver Bates. Bates was even asked to sign autographs after the show.

Drama teacher Lisa Bodden, the director of “Superhero Ultraferno,” said, “We had a great time. It was an awesome experience for seniors who have gone every year and finally got to have their time in the spotlight on the main stage.”

TGS presented other productions along with “Superhero Ultraferno” at the conference, including “The NSA’s Guide to Making Friends and Influencing People,” starring sophomore Kai Morfin, freshman Chloe Goorman, freshman Tea Weiner, senior Daniel Rosenberg, and freshman Ariana Deitch.