It’s time once again for TGS students to start preparing for final exams. However, unlike most years, this December won’t mean less than adequate sleep hours, skipped meals, and possible poor performance during the week.

This year, the Chant has compiled a list of study tips to ensure that everyone does well on their exams and feels relaxed heading into their time off during winter break.

According to Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Petersen, “Study. And go to bed.” (…said very stoically.)

Freshman Noah Sharma said, “Make sure you know the material at hand solid, even if it means staying up all night to do it.”

Senior Karam Katariya said, “Taking study breaks frequently is essential. Like, go watch an episode of Netflix or something to take your mind off of everything. You’ll come back to your work and won’t feel as drained while studying.”

Junior Caitlin McCormick recommends going somewhere else to study. “Sometimes you can be more productive in a different environment other than your bedroom or the library, and it helps to change things up.”

Sophomore Hannah Emami, preparing to take her second set of winter exams in high school, said, “Try to space out your studying. Don’t try to do it all in one day. Do it a little bit at a time, and it’ll be easier to remember come time to take the test.”

Senior Natalie Armstrong said, “Wake up early and study in the morning rather than staying up late to study. Sleep is very important! If all else fails, if you hold your neck for a really long time, it’ll make you pass out during your test.”

Senior Ben Showard said, “I mean, just trust your gut and wing it. Normally your first answer is the right one.” Sophomore Grace He said, “Study the mistakes you made on previous tests. That will help if the same material shows up on the final.”

Sophomore Jack Null said, “Don’t rely on Uber to get you to school before a final. Too risky.”

Senior Dhruv Patel said, “There are three keys to success. In order: sleep, eat, and study.”

Senior Keely Breedlove said, “Be confident. Even if you don’t know it, act like you do when you walk in.” Senior Tori Sublette said, “Sleep a lot. Don’t go into a test tired.”

And finally, my tip to all those studying for finals is to exercise during the week. Going to sports practices, going for a jog, or even just walking outside is known to reduce stress levels extremely.

Physical activity releases endorphins that produce energy and better moods almost immediately. When feeling stressed and tired, yoga and/or jogging is the best way to reduce stress or fatigue and come back to the test material feeling fresh.

The Chant hopes that all Gregory School students study well, sleep well, and eat well during the week of final exams, and the staff is excited to bring more great issues of the paper out for second semester.

See you in 2016!